Grower Direct Farms obtains “A” on Sustainability through MPS certification

Grower Direct Farms obtains “A” on Sustainability through MPS certification

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Grower Direct Farms is a family-owned company in Somers, Connecticut, established in 1981 by Leonard van Wingerden. Nowadays Grower Direct Farms has grown to a total of 1.100.000 sq ft of indoor growing space and 8 acres of outdoor growing space.

Throughout the years Grower Direct Farms worked with sustainable practices, integrated in the growing activities. Some examples are:
• Extensive use of biological disease and pest control as part of the IPM practices
• Ongoing education of team of growers on international developments in growing practices
• Energy conservation through modern greenhouses and by using a biomass burning boiler

Brent Monticue explains that the MPS-ABC certification gives Grower Direct Farms data to measure the progress on sustainability efforts and make realistic plans to improve the sustainability of the production processes. With the achievement of the MPS-ABC certification we demonstrate that we are serious about reducing our impact on the environment and this sets an example for others growers to follow. As a company in the green industry we have to be responsible managers of our natural resources if we want to be credible when presenting our products to our customers.

Grower Direct Farms has gone through a rigorous 1 year certification process followed by a third party on-site audit in order to achieve their initial qualification for MPS-ABC.

The MPS-A qualification for Grower Direct Farms confirms the efforts and integration of sustainability in the daily practices at this quality grower and MPS would like to congratulate Grower Direct Farms with this excellent result.

MPS welcomes grower inquires in North America to the west coast coordinator, Charlotte Smit at (805) 524-9685, or to the east coast coordinator, John McCaslin at (828) 458-7231.




Grower Direct Farms obtains “A” on Sustainability through MPS certification

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