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Wholly-owned subsidiary of Grower Direct Farms

Grower Merchandising  Service – Retail Solution

Grower Merchandising Service is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grower Direct Farms that is responsible for merchandising live plants throughout New England retail locations. Our highly trained staff executes retail merchandising strategies and provides optimal plant care creating a welcoming garden center environment, reducing inventory losses, and increasing profitability for growers and retailers. Grower Merchandising Service operates in all New England states and is always looking for motivated people to join the team. Please visit our employment opportunities page to learn more about our available openings.

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Product Offerings

Our Products come in a variety of sizes to fit the consumer need. From 1006 packs all the way up to 18″ containers and window boxes. Some items come with a singular plant, and others as beautiful combinations. 

Packs and Flats

20 packs, 10 packs, 9 packs and 6 packs. All are great options to get a larger amount of your favorite bedding plant, or to plant many different color combinations. Above, we have a 6 pack Marigold featured.

Potted Plants

By potted plant, we mean individual or combination items that come in a singular pot. Typically these are pots without a design element associated with them and are ideal for your garden. These can run from a qt sized pot up to an 8″ pot, some are dropped into fun or ornately designed pot covers. Above, we have an 8″ pot featured.

Containers and Deck Pots

Our containers and deck pots will normally be made with an eye catching design that would function great on a stair step or deck area. However, these plants are also perfect if you want a more mature item to jump start your garden. The majority of these items are combinations, and will lend the eye an appealing array of color. These items can range signifigantly in diamteter, from 10″ up to 18″.

Hanging Baskets

The hanging basket is a staple at our facility. Hang them or plant them, there is something wonderful about finishing an item in the air. Typically 10-12″ in diameter our hanging baskets come standard with ideal garden plants. Our premium baskets contain combination items that pop and are sure to grab your attention.


Easter is the first push of the new year. With a large focus on Easter lillies, you can also find a variety of bulb items. Tulips, Hyacinth and Daffodils are all readily available in our green houses this time of year.


By far the busiest season in our houses. We start early with a multitude of Pansies, available in all different sizes. We then move on to your typical annual bedding plants. Variety is key and we have many options available, some of the focus items you will find are Dahlia, Marigold, Calibrachoa, Begonia, Petunia, Geranium and Impatiens. Along with these items you will find many more, and combinations of each as well. There is nothing quite like a Grower Direct day in the month of May.


Some might be surprised to find out that our fall starts as early as the 1st of August, when we ship our first mums out the door. With mums as far as the eye can see, you will also find brilliant color hiding around the green house in the form of our fall annual plants. Calibrachoa, Dahlia, Marigold and Sunflowers are still very present.


With the longest crop time of all our plants, Pointsettias can be found at GDF in the first week of July. With range of sizes spanning from a 4″ mini up to a 10″ pot, they come in all shapes and colors. Speckled around will be foliage bowls, and the components that go in them. There is always beauty to be found about, no matter the season.